House Rules

General Rules

  1. Only registered players are allowed to play. All persons allowed entry are obliged to observe all the rules and regulations prescribed by the management.
  2. Persons below twenty-one (21) years old or students of any school, college or university in the Philippines are not allowed to enter the premises.
  3. Employees of PAGCOR, PhilWeb, Operators, government offices, and military and law enforcement personnel are prohibited to play.
  4. Management reserves the right to deny entry to any person.
  5. Players shall be held liable for any breakage or damage done, whether intentionally or unintentionally, on the gaming terminals and/or equipment.
  6. No bystanders are allowed. For every guest of a player, a P500 additional load shall be required as buy-in.
  7. Firearms or deadly weapons are strictly prohibited inside the gaming site.
  8. Customer support will require verification of the player’s identity for any inquiry, request, complaint or follow-up process.

Operational Rules

  1. No Membership Card, No Play.
  2. A minimum buy-in of five hundred pesos (PhP500.00) shall be required.
  3. BEFORE PLACING A BET, the Player shall be responsible for reading and understanding the following:
    • a. House Rules – posted within the PeGS premises and in the PAGCOR e-Games website,
    • b. Game Rules and Mechanics found in the ‘Help’ section of each game
    • c. Membership/e-SAFE Card Terms and Conditions found in the membership website,
  4. The Player accepts that the determination of the odds of winning, the winning outcome and the applicable payouts is the sole discretion of PAGCOR.
  5. The Player shall be fully aware that there is risk of losing credit by placing a bet and participating in online games.
  6. Any application or system failure voids all plays and pays.
  7. PAGCOR’s electronic record, available from the gaming server, shall be the sole and final basis in case of any dispute arising out of or relating to the game or winnings. All claims must be resolved before the particular betting credit is redeemed.
  8. Players must properly end their session either by redeeming the remaining betting credits or storing it in their e-SAFE account before leaving the station.
  9. Management is not responsible for loss of any betting credits left in the gaming terminal.
  10. Any unclaimed credits left in the gaming terminal for 30 minutes or more shall be stored in the player’s e-SAFE account if it was used, else it is redeemed in favor of the house.
  11. Players must ensure that their membership cards, login credentials and PINs are kept safely and are not shared with another person or to third parties. Members are responsible for all transactions associated with their e-SAFE accounts, including unauthorized transactions. Members shall be solely responsible for any losses incurred due to mishandling of their membership cards, credentials or PINs.
  12. PAGCOR may suspend or cancel certain online games without prior notice.